Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We finally managed to make a trip to Snæfellsnes last Sunday. I don't have much time tonight.. So, here are some pictures!

The glacier

A closer view

If you've ever read about the lifting stones at Djúpalónssandur.. You'd realize I'm not made to be a fisherman

Climbing Jó

Bárður the giant

The lave fields coming from the volcano are quite impressive

We had coffee at Hótel Búðir, which was very nice

Jó... doing something

You can never have enough lava fields

Pretty mountains



We made a quick stop by a réttir (annual sheep round-up) the other day. It was a tiny round-up (and it was mostly over by the time we got there), but here are a few sheep pictures, of course.

Packed sheep

Into the van

Little lambs

It's the 2nd sheep from the right, officer! I'd recognize him anywhere...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

We wanted to hike, and went to Hveragerði...

But the weather looked like this.

So we stopped by the greenhouse / tourist trap that is Eden, and I got to hug a giant puffin.

Jó was able to make a friend too.

We'll have to come back another time for that hike, if the weather improves.