Sunday, September 16, 2007

We wanted to hike, and went to Hveragerði...

But the weather looked like this.

So we stopped by the greenhouse / tourist trap that is Eden, and I got to hug a giant puffin.

Jó was able to make a friend too.

We'll have to come back another time for that hike, if the weather improves.


tsduff said...

I loved visiting Eden - I have a picture of the stone guy in the back, you know, with all the green stuff growing all over him :) Not bad dining there either - I have pictures of the carved wooden front doors (Adam and Eve) :)

It was much warmer when we were there - LOL!

Djaddi said...

It's definitely a special place :). I tried socializing with the parrots there but they didn't talk back to me.