Saturday, January 26, 2008

More snow!

So we keep getting more and more snow. We're not talking about massive amounts, but still on many days we get a few more inches.

After getting up late from bed on a lazy Saturday, Jó and I went for a walk on the SW coast of Reykjavík. We ended up by a spot there with some disused buildings, that were once used for drying fish. There were also pulleys and tracks leading to the sea, to pull boats/fish.

Small tree

Snowy yard

Abandoned Christmas tree

Abandoned equipment





Looking in

Corrugated iron, graffiti, snow

Angelica, from above

The popular neighborhood ice cream store. They have two vanilla flavors, "Old" and "New". Notice the line of people. And the snow.

A couple of geese we saw on the way back

Our gloves, made by Jó's aunt :)


tsduff said...

I love your pictures. I got some Icelandic gloves from my Sweetie's Mama (she is Icelandic). Hope you are staying warm :)

Djaddi said...

Thanks! Yup, we're staying warm. Although it's supposed to get quite cold this weekend...