Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vík - in motion

Here are a few extra pics from the black beach in Vík.

When a wave recedes, the water that is absorbed in the black sand takes on a nice color, a kind of silvery-blue:


And receding

Otherwise, here are is a sequence of a few shots taken of me as I was trying to avoid an advancing wave. I look like I'm dancing (badly) :)


Heiða said...

Wonderful pics, as always! You are good in this field Jade! And good playing with the waves :) Hope you and Jóhanna are having great time in Spain!
Heiða locked inside Skaftahlíð :/

Djaddi said...

Thanks Heiða! Jó takes a lot of the pictures too, including this particular set :D. Otherwise, Spain is great! We're in Barcelona now.

hk said...

Nice pics :) thank you for your comments on my blog, just came back from doing the Laugavegur trek and it rocked, most amazing landscape ever!

I found the Lebanese chicken with bulgur salad on this website http://recipes.frontiercoop.com/cgi-bin/recipe?id.2768 ... not sure if it´s authentic but it tastes yummy, recommend it! ;)

Yioryos said...

Είσαι μαλάκας!