Sunday, October 26, 2008


(This post is not recommended for squeamish people, vegetarians, and especially squeamish vegetarians)

Iceland is a lovely country with a uniquely beautiful landscape, of course, but there's more to Icelandic exceptionalism than nature... There's food too! :).

As you may recall from this post, traditional food is lamb-based. Well, here's some more lamb-based traditional food! :).

Today's menu is Slátur (which sounds like "slaughter" for good reason). It consists of sewed sheep stomachs filled with a mix, and boiled. Pretty close to Haggis, overall.

There are two mixes: Lifrapylsa, mostly consisting of ground liver and chunks of solid fat; and blóðmör, consisting of sheep blood and fat (yes, you just buy a bottle of sheep blood). In both those mixes there are ingredients such as flour, etc.

So, at Jó's aunt's, we sat down, sewed some stomachs, filled them up, boiled them and ate them! The food tasted fine, although it was a bit of a strong taste (especially the blood sausage) so I didn't feel like eating too much of it.

Anyway, here are the pictures.

The stomachs


Nice little pouches...

Filled with liver and whatnot

And now, the blood-fat mix

Sewing the blóðmör



Dinner is served!


tsduff said...

I'll just have a little Applesin please... bleah! An Icelandic friend of mine once posted the same process as you have - the making of the stuffed stomachs and sewing up etc. Not really my usually fare, although I think if I tasted it I would actually enjoy it. Just takes some getting used to :) Bon Appetit!

Djaddi said...

I think the process of making the food is more interesting than the food itself :)