Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Vatnsnes peninsula

Vatnsnes is a small peninsula a few hours away from Reykjavík, on the way to Akureyri. It only takes an hour or so to drive around it, yet I can't seem to find many people who've been there, even Icelanders! Rather weird.

The peninsula has a few attractions. The first one is Borgarvirki, an old abandoned citadel. It's very small and located on top of a hill. There aren't many records of it in the sagas apparently... Yet it's there. The rock has been dug out in the center to give it that cozy citadelly feel. 

Another attraction is the very weird looking Hvítserkur rock, which looks like some sort of mythical creature formed by the constant wind and water erosion. It's about 15 meters tall. Finally, there are seals on the West side of the peninsula, though they're not right by the coast so you need good binoculars.

A rather weird mountain along route 1. Kinda looks like a sleeping person with a very sharp nose.


The rocks look pretty cool... Kinda Kjarvalesque

The fortress has a nice view of the mountains

And it also has a good view of the areas beneath it

Jó inside the fortress. It was very windy up there.

The mighty Hvítserkur. Possible the coolest looking rock in Iceland.

Shells by the shore

This is at a farm that's trying to get some seal-viewing business. It's a 10 minute walk from that point to get to the seals.

Jó imitating the baby seal :)

So those whitish spots over there are the seals. Yeah, we could've used some binoculars.

Caution: flying seals!


tsduff said...

Is that place on the route to Snaefellsness? We drove that entire road but I don't remember that place. Near Borganess? As always, I enjoy your pictures and narratives very much!

Stephanie K. said...

The Hvítserkur looks like a rhino!

Brian said...

You know what the white stuff on Hvítserkur is????????? Years and years of it... probably even centuries!!!!!

9uy said...

From Beirut to Reykjavik, that's a long way to go. I like your blog, well done!

Djaddi said...

Thanks all :)
Brian, I certainly know.
9uy, indeed it's a long way but I've moved to the US since then. nice blog btw! :)

tsduff said...

You've moved to the US? WHY!!!!!

My condolences! I've so enjoyed your posts from the rock - I dream of moving there...

Good luck where you are.

Djaddi said...

Thanks tsduff!
We moved back to the US because our move to Iceland wasn't permanent anyway - we were planning to be there for just 1-2 years.

I certainly miss the nature and pools :). Not so much the winter darkness and the kreppa, though :)