Thursday, March 22, 2007

The pieces are falling into place


I've now selected one of the job offers. It's the one that pays better and that's closest to where I live :). I will be working on websites mostly, porting stuff to .NET technologies. I'm glad to finally work with .NET, since almost every job ad I've seen asks for this.

I'm gonna be working in a small company, about 30 people, a quarter of those being programmers. It implies a bit more responsibility, since I was chosen because of my academic background in part, in order to be able to make some decisions. So that's good. And my employer will pay for my Icelandic lessons, which is great.

We're going to France tomorrow, for a week, to meet my family :). And then when I come back, I start working at the new job. I will now be able to afford meat and wine and good coffee again, yippee!

In other news, yesterday J and I went to a free Tango lesson in Cafe Cultura, downtown. We were the only newbies I think, most people there had a good enough idea of what to do. Tango is not easy, but I'm looking forward to attending more lessons.

Oh, and after completing my medical tests (they wanted to make sure I wasn't bringing Aids or Syphillis or Tuberculosis to the island..) I finally got my Dvalarleyfi (residency permit) stamped into my passport, which I needed in order to work.

Tonight we had another dinner at J's Grandma, along with an uncle and his wife. We ate so much fish and potatoes and cream and jam filled pönnukökur... That was great :).

Alright, time to finish packing...

Bless Bless

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