Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Unemployed in Iceland?

Not for much longer, it seems... After a few weeks of job hunting, it seems that I might accept a job offer by tomorrow. I have had interest from two companies, and I'm trying to figure out where I should go. The job itself, the location, and the pay are all factors that I need to weigh properly.

Getting a job has been an interesting process. Luckily, Iceland's IT sector seems to be booming, with many companies looking for employees. I started sending my CV around before I even left the US, and continued sending it and replying to job offers in the newspaper. I had a couple of leads that seemed good initially but petered out by the end (some of them I know I will hear about eventually, but I'm tired of waiting at this point). Many people have been very helpful in helping me send my CV and apply to different places. My new landlord even gave me her boyfriend's email since he needs to hire people for his company! A lot of my emails did not get a reply, and many got the "We're not hiring at this point" reply, but in the end there were enough positive answers for me.

As of today, we finally have Internet. It took two weeks and a lot of calls until our provider (Hive) managed to get us connected in the end... Sometimes things here don't seem that much more efficient than Lebanon.

Last week, J and I met some of the expat bloggers in Iceland. It's interesting meeting people after reading their blogs for so long when they don't know much about you (I did a lot of blog reading before deciding to move to Iceland) but they're quite nice people and it was a pleasure meeting them.

We also went to a couple of parties on the weekend, which was fun. The usual socializing and drinking (not too much though, it's too expensive here :)). Being able to walk from downtown to our apartment is a great thing. In fact, we've been walking around so much more these days. Hopefully having Internet at home will not turn us into couch potatoes...

We're leaving on Friday to France, where we will meet my family and assorted relatives and friends. Fun! After we return, in the beginning of April, I will hopefully start working at my new job (wherever that will be) and then start my Icelandic lessons a week after that.

Bless Bless

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Laure said...

congratulation Jade! Apparently your icelandic is quite impressive already ;).