Sunday, May 13, 2007


The Reykjavík Arts Festival was launched this week. As part of it, large wooden dolls (a girl and her father, both giants) were "walking" around town. The whole performance was made by a French group, named "Royal de Luxe" (which sounds incredibly generic in French, frankly...).

I'm not sure what the general storyline was, but it basically involved this giant and his daughter. The giant left a path of destruction in the days leading to the event, which included damaging a lot of car and starting a geyser in downtown. The geyser was amusing, and a stræto bus (city bus) was impressively sliced with a giant knife.

Jo and I went downtown for part of the show, at the center of town. Plenty of people were amassed there, and the weather was sunny (though a bit cold) which gave the show quite the festive mood.

The giant's path: an overturned car...

And a nailed car

Sleeping giant, surrounded by the crowds

Trying to get a good view...

The girl

Her face

You wouldn't want to mess with him...