Sunday, July 15, 2007

-watching trip

Well, it was supposed to be a whale-watching trip, but there were no whales...

On Thursday we went on a whale-watching trip (departing from the old Reykjavík harbor). Neither Jo nor myself were hugely interested but it was cheap! (1000 ISK/person). The trip took about three hours, and the boat went around the Faxaflói bay trying to find some whales. It made a stop near "puffin island" and we got to see some flying puffins, unfortunately the boat could not get very close to the island (shallows?) so we didn't get a good view. But hey, we had close encounters with the orange-beaked birds last weekend so it wasn't a problem.

On the way to the boat I had seen a sign that promised a 97% success rate for whale-watching trip. I guess we were in the unlucky 3% then! Unless the numbers were a bit fudged. Still, it was nice to be on a boat trip, in the end. Takes you away from the city.

Luckily, I was able to spot a part of a whale yesterday. It was a few meters inland, in a plastic bag at the Sægreifinn restaurant by the harbor. So I bought it and cooked it, and it was quite tasty.

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