Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Golden circle snapshots

Rock, Barnafoss

Burrowing Jó, Þingvellir

Jó and I, Haukadalur

Tourists and rainbow, Gullfoss

Sheep, Iceland


tsduff said...

Nice rainbow shot at Gullfoss. Where is Bjarnafoss? We saw a little Bjarnifoss on the road to Snaefellsness, but it didn't look like that. Just pack me into your suitcase and I'm so there!

SLK said...

Nice pictures! You two certainly qualify as weekend warriors, don't you?

Djaddi said...


Barnafoss (children's waterfall) and Hraunfossar (lava falls) are not actually on the golden circle tour, we happened to drive by them the day before. That picture probably shouldn't have been in this entry, heh. The falls are up from Borgarnes, close to Langjökull.


The Golden Circle tour is the most common tourist trip from Reykjavík (except perhaps to the Blue Lagoon) since it has a number of interesting sights close to the capital. Jó's mom is visiting, so we went on that trip again. But yeah, even if her mom wasn't here, we probably would have been somewhere else in the country :)