Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's been a long time...

But I'm back :).

The last month or so has been a bit hectic, so I apologize for not posting more frequently. I have pictures from Norway and from some trips in Iceland too that I will be phasing in later. But for now, I will post the pictures from our most recent trip, to Italy (for our first wedding anniversary!).

We first went to an area called the Cinque Terre first, a group of 5 villages on the Northwest coast that seem to hang off the side of mountains. Very picturesque. The weather was great (we had our warmest temperatures in over a year, given the cool Icelandic summer). We even managed to swim in the sea! We had forgotten to bring our swimsuits, but thankfully we did not forget to bring underwear. So we used that.

We stayed in a room with a view of the harbour of one of the 5 villages, hiked on the path between the villages (there are no direct roads between them, only hiking paths), and took a cooking lesson. And just relaxed.

Here are some pictures from that trip.

The view from our room in Manarola

The view of the same town from the harbor, where we went for a dip

The hills looked a lot like Lebanon

Corniglia (that town on the left) from the South

Jó enjoying her seafood pasta there

Corniglia again, this time from the North


Narrow streets in Vernazza

The obligatory cat picture

Jó modeling for some mushroom pictures

Chopping onions

Fresh pasta with mushrooms... Mmm...


tsduff said...

Your pictures are wonderful, and bring back to mind the trip my Sweetie and I took last June. We went to the Cinque Terra, as well as Florence (just about wore ourselves out with all the walking!). The crowds in Florence were a bit startling, but the scenery was gorgeous. My favorite part of the trip was the our stay in Monterosso. Loved your trip in pictures!

Djaddi said...

Glad you like the pictures! :). Yeah, it's gorgeous out there, though it is very heavily touristy, even in October. I imagine June must be crazy. But now there's so much more I want to see in Italy!

Heiða said...

Váá! Beutiful pictures from Cinque Terra. Jóhanna looks promising in the kitchen, he he! I look forward to go to Rome, only 3 days to go!
Love, Heiða