Wednesday, October 24, 2007


For the last few days of our trip, we went to Florence. It was almost a shock to be back in a somewhat crowded, polluted and noisy city after being in Iceland for a while. But it was fun! :).

We walked quite a bit in the town, and saw galleries and museums too. We also ate nicely and had plenty of wine with our food during our trip. It was so cheap to do so, compared to Iceland, that we just couldn't stop ourselves :). I assume that's how Icelanders always are when they are traveling abroad.

Here are the pictures:

We stopped by Pisa on the way, and ordered this massive 'Tuscan Sampler'-like dish at a restaurant. Tasty!

They're not waving, they're doing the 'look-I'm-holding-the-tower' picture

The Arno river

The Ponte Vecchio and other bridges, as seen from the Uffizi gallery

The obligatory several-animals-in-a-row picture

The non-obligatory that-is-a-big-rat picture

Detail of the outside of the Duomo (cathedral)

The marble floor inside the Duomo

The golden doors of the baptistery

By the river



Heiða said...

Great pictures again! Florence has many beutiful churches but to many people!

Firas said...

ssup cousin? Glad you had a good time. Mabrouk on getting married, we should stay in touch more often :)

Djaddi said...

Heiða: Thanks! And have fun in Rome :)

Firas: Thanks, and good to see you here! Indeed we need be in touch. Are you going to be in Lebanon on Xmas?

Firas said...

Probably not :(

tsduff said...

Did you ever find out what that rat was? My Sweetie and I were on the same bridge, and we never saw the likes of that! Great pictures - I loved our trip to Italy. Florence was much more crowded than I had expected, but we stayed in a convent there which was nice.

Djaddi said...

Jó seems to think it was a muskrat, or a coypu. I still want to believe it was a giant rat :).