Sunday, November 4, 2007

Morning commute

In the mornings, I walk about 10 minutes from home, then I take a bus that drops me off near work (except when the weather is bad, then I just take a bus closer to home but with a much more winding route).

I took these pictures last week, when the sun was rising by the end of my commute. By now, it's obviously darker, as the sunlight keeps receding until the winter solstice.

For the commute, I could shave a few minutes by walking along a main street of the city. But I'd much rather walk in quieter and less polluted areas, so I end up going through courtyards, alleyways and a cemetery parallel to the main street.

Oh, and it had snowed a bit the previous night.

Obviously, I wasn't the first person to go to work that day

Snowy leaves

Red Nintendo mushroom graffiti guy

Green Nintendo mushroom graffiti guy

Tree, stone, and former prime minister

Snow on moss

Leaning tree

Brave flowers

Cemetery alleyways

Graves here often have professions listed on them. This guy was a doctor.

The sky was looking slightly ominous

The university library, built to look like a fortress (complete with a moat around it)



Esja in the pink light


tsduff said...

Love your pictures - especially Esja at the end. I went to several cemetaries last time I was in Iceland - quite a few of my Sweetie's ancestors are buried in Hafnarfjordur. Thank you for the walk through the snow :)

Djaddi said...

Thanks! I like that green cemetery, in contrast to Hringbraut nearby. However I must admit it's starting to feel a bit creepy now that I have to walk there in the dark...

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.