Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Reykjavík Zoo

Yes, Reykjavík has it own zoo! Except that, it's more of a petting zoo than a real one with lions and whatnot. Unfortunately, there are no Polar bears either.

However there are plenty of farm animals, and some wilder ones too. It's a good place to take the kids. Since we don't have any yet (and we won't for a while, mom, OK?), we ended up going there when our friends and their daughter were visiting. Here are a few snaps of the animals..

Seal. I want one as a pillow!

Synchronized sealing

In memory of a cow...


They seem to enjoy sleeping

Lots of ducks and geese

Baby fox

And chicken. Will the fox start eating them when he grows up?

A bored deer

Hippie goat

Baby goat

A dog on a horse. I wonder if it's a modern art installation.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics! You can take my son's with you if you want to go there again, he he!
Did you see all the pacifier's on the deer horn?

Heiða said...

Sorry! I'm not anonymous!