Sunday, March 30, 2008


Last weekend, we decided to go for a short hike and to take a look at the Glymur waterfall. It has the biggest vertical drop off of any waterfall in Iceland, however it is not as impressive as other waterfalls because the river itself is quite small.

The waterfall is found near the base of Hvalfjörður. Which meant that for the first time we drove on the edge of that fjord instead of taking the Akranes tunnel.

When we got to the end of the road, we started hiking. Unfortunately we had no map and no real idea of where the waterfall should be, so we wandered around aimlessly for a while until we found the right river. We were not able to see the waterfall since we ended up at a point quite downstream from it (it's a well hidden waterfall) and the sun was starting to set. So we'll have to go again later and find the damn thing next time :). But it was a nice little hike anyway, and the weather was quite nice. Here are some pics!

Uphill skiing?

Small stream

Jó sinking into the hay

The waterfall is somewhere along that ravine to the right

Looking down onto the river

Some basaltic columns

Hvalfjörður, before sunset

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