Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Grótta Lighthouse

Today Jo and I took advantage of the first day of the Easter holiday by walking towards the Grótta lighthouse. This lighthouse is at the North-Western tip of the peninsula that contains Reykjavík. It's actually located in a neighboring (tiny) town named Seltjarnarnes.

It's quite a nice walk to get there, by the waterfront, with mountains visible nearby. Today, despite being a bit chilly, was quite sunny and had very little wind, so it was a great time to go there (the wind can be quite rough there at times, since it's basically open on the North Atlantic).

The following map shows the location of the lighthouse (North-West corner) relative to the central pond (in the South-East corner).

The aforementioned map. We live a bit west of the pond.

Jo pondering over the meaning of life

Me posing in front of Esja

A cat we encountered along the way

A fish drying shack

The fish within

The lighthouse

... And Jo


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