Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thai time

Last week, Jo and I went to a Thai festival (Song Kran, the water festival). It was was a fun event, with many members of the Thai community participating.

The festival was quite long, and crammed with events: dancing (mostly by little Thai and Thai-Icelandic girls), singing (a Thai woman from Akureyri, with comically dressed backup dancers), a concert by a band of teenager boys, a beauty contest for teenage girls, and more.

And of course, Thai food. Mmmm (I also found out that people from Isan [NE Thailand] make a spicy Som tam!).

It was quite cool to feel like I was in a different country for a few hours, surrounded by Thai sounds, sights (mostly the dresses for the performers), food and jokes (Thai people tend to be quite laid back, informal, and irreverent; save for certain issues like the king, buddha, and respect for older people and hierarchy).

Also, it was the first time I saw so many half-Thai, half-Icelandic kids. So this is what Jo must've looked like as a kid! :)

That night, we went to a Thai karaoke place with a mixed couple (Thai/Icelandic, that is). Everybody was singing in Thai, but Jo and I sang a few songs in English.

And yes, if any body's wondering, we did our usual duo of "Total eclipse of the heart". Tuuuuurn aaaaaround....

Singing "Proud Mary" in a Thai karaoke joint in Iceland...


Heiða said...

HÆ Jade!

Next time I hope I can come with you and Jóhanna. Send my love, Heiða

Djaddi said...

Sure Heiða! The more the merrier :)