Monday, March 24, 2008

Páskaegg 2008

In a similar vein to this post from last year, here is the deconstruction of 2008's Páskaegg.

Just like last year, I got a Páskaegg at work. A páskaegg is a chocolate easter egg, which is hollow and filled with various candies inside. Once more, I got the Nr.7 Nói Síríus behemoth, with 750 grams of sugary goodness. The egg also comes with a málsháttur, which is a proverb or saying. Think of a Chinese fortune cookie, except that in this case adding "in bed" at the end makes no sense.

We're over 2/3rds done with the egg and candy. Luckily the dentist's appointment is in a few weeks, and we are currently are going to the gym, so that should mitigate the effects somewhat.

Cutting the egg open

A look inside

An emerging chicken... Wouldn't it be cool if they maybe had a chocolate dinosaur inside, just like in a dinosaur egg? No?

The sugary innards

The saying: "The river stops at its mouth". Sounds pretty obvious to me.

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