Thursday, June 5, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, we went with some friends for a trip on a Saturday. We drove up to a lake named Hítarvatn (aka "hot lake", but don't let the name fool you). The lake is nice though not particularly remarkable. However, the rocks on the road to get there have some of the most amazing colors I've seen. They're volcanic and very light, and come in colors varying from ochre to orange to red to purple, and even some blue and gray.

The day was rather cloudy, so we continued to a "secret" natural hot pot. You basically have to know where it is to find it, and the water in the tiny pool (about 1 meter in diameter) is at a very nice temperature, perhaps 40-42 degrees. We managed to cram in there, all five of us :).

Now that's a mountain with character

Our little car fording a creek

Road cut through the moss-covered lava

Colors of volcanic rock

Typical Icelandic scenery


Cool erosion on this mountain


A small dam, by the lake


A very well defended post

The edge of the lake... and of a small pond to the right


Ominous duck

Lots of small lambs at this time of year

Running of the sheep (it's fun to honk at them)

The view from the secret hot pot


Firas said...

oy cousin, you do live on one big icy rock.

Anonymous said...

Cool ,y a tout :) !!
Bisoux a toi et Johanna.

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