Sunday, June 24, 2007


Last Thursday, Jó and I went to an Amiina concert downtown. They're a bit of a quirky band, made up of four women, with a long list of instruments that includes saws, glasses filled with water, an old casio mini-keyboard, bells... Oh and string instruments of course.

Despite this anything-but-the-kitchen-sink aspect, their music is not gimmicky but rather charming and dreamy. They seem to fit in somewhere between Múm and Sigur Rós, while having a feel of their own.

The concert was for the release of their first full-on album. It was at Iðnó by the pond. There were close to 200 people perhaps, unfortunately... there were less than a 100 chairs (and at least a quarter of those were reserved), since the room was not even half filled with chairs. So we ended up watching the concert standing up, which had its upshot in that we were about 10 feet from the stage, on the left side of the room.

The concert was a bit unpolished in parts (some technical problems, and the girls got confused a few times) but otherwise it was great. It's pretty cool to watch and hear the different instruments they played.

Here's a YouTube video from another concert.

Oh and I managed to get a poster at the end too.

No flash during the concert => blurry pictures

At the end

The poster

A row of 8 birds by the pond, at the end of the concert

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