Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sautjándi júni

Sautjándi júni (June 17th) is the Icelandic national day. Since there's often a one week gap between events happening and them ending up on the blog, now is the right time to post about this :).

The weather was quite nice, so unsurprisingly there were a lot of people in the streets. Plenty of games for kids, and free concerts (mostly for teenagers, it seemed from the audience). And lots and lots of Icelandic flags.

Actually the only thing that was as omnipresent as the flags was the candy. This nation has one massive collective sweet tooth.


A play for children (I managed to understand most of what was going on)

Us by the pond

Ducks in the pond

It seems as if there were a fourth target but it was taken off. I wonder who that was...

Jó in a rare moment of nationalistic pride

A cat we saw along the way. I like cats, as can be deduced from this picture.

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