Sunday, June 3, 2007

Festival of Nations in Hafnarfjörður

The good people at the Alþjóðahús (literally all-nations-house, an association that helps immigrants in Iceland) were organizing a Festival of Nations in Hafnarfjörður yesterday. This consisted of several booths, each for a country, where people were dressed in local clothing, and had food samples, brochures and whatnot. There was also a stage in the middle of the location where many groups took turns showing off dances and whatnot. Pretty cool stuff!

And, just to state the obvious: free international food is good :). Amal, a Palestinian woman who works at the Alþjóðahús, was telling me to start a Lebanese stand next year :).

After sampling all the food (best stuff: Thai chicken curry and Indonesian lamb on a stick) and watching some performances (best stuff: the dancing Cuban dude) we headed out and walked a bit in Hafnarfjörður. The weather was warm enough that for the first time since coming here 3 months ago, I was able to be outside in just a t-shirt! I asked Jo for a picture to commemorate the momentous occasion.

We stopped at a coffeehouse named "Súfistinn", aka The sufi. Unfortunately the coffee was not brought by whirling dervishes, which would've been quite cool (another unfilled niche!). Finally we took the bus back, stopped by Kringlan to get some food, and headed back home.

On to the pictures (many thanks to Jo for taking most of them, including the harbor pictures from the previous post!):

Thailand reprezent!

Cuban dancing

Indonesian food

Just a T-shirt!!!

The lovely Jo :)

DJ Jo spinning those discs

At the coffeehouse

Almost home

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